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Canteen News WEEK 2, TERM 3

A huge ‘THANK YOU' to my wonderful helpers at the 3-6 Athletics Carnival.  Many hands make light work!

John Hayes, Kathleen Pedersen, Angela Blasonato, Christian and Alex Blasonato, Lisa Lia, Michelle Leung, May Wu and Kelly Heeb.

It was a great day and I appreciate your help greatly.


A gentle reminder

If you do PSSA or Tennis on a FRIDAY – please DO NOT order your lunch as you leave school before lunchtime and your lunches will NOT be ready.

Thank you


REMINDER:  School Open Day – Thursday 3 August 2017

***  School Sausage Sizzle  ***

The Canteen will be CLOSED for ALL LUNCH ORDERS on this day.  Please order your sausage sizzle via the school office.  We will be open for snacks as usual at lunchtime.


Sophia Yang, Chloe Ara Joh, Chloe Zhang please see Anne-Marie, I have your Munch Monitor tags J



Tue 25/7 Kathleen Pedersen, Cindy Parry

Wed 26/7 Karen O'Grady

Thu 27/7 Tammy Schavenguivel, Lisa Lia

Fri 28/7 Maria Sanna

Mon 31/7 Jo Tomms

Tue 1/8 Amy Wu


Thu 3/8 OPEN DAY – No lunch orders – Rowena Henery

Fri 4/8 Amanda Kahani

Mon 7/8 Shelley-Anne Sansone

Tue 8/8 Tina


Thu 10/8 Enza Caus




W10 T2 – Canteen News

Reminder:  please remember if you do PSSA and Tennis on Friday's you ***CANNOT*** order your lunch as you have already left the school prior to lunches being ready.


  • Friday 30 June – Last day of Term 2 – WE ARE CLOSED for ALL ORDERS – due to cleaning.  


We will open at Lunchtime ONLY for snacks and iceblocks.  Limited items available as we run down our stock.


Thanks to all our dedicated team for 2017 so far and hope you all have a happy and safe break in the holidays.




Wed 28/6 - Karen O'Grady

Thu 29/6 – Carol Wang

Fri 30/6 – Closed for cleaning


Week 1 Term 3

Mon 17/7 – Pupil Free Day

Tue 18/7 – HELP NEEDED

Wed 19/7 – Michelle Leung

Thu 20/7 – Dell Edwards *** Athletics Carnival *** closed for K-2

Friday 21/7 – Muna Issa

Mon 24/7 – Suzanne Hayes



Canteen Roster Week 9 – Term 2


Tues 20/6 – HELP NEEDED

Wed 21/6 – Lisa Lia

Thu 22/6 – Michelle Leung, Tammy Scharenguivel

Fri 23/6 – Lisa Wang

Mon 26/6 – John Hayes

Tue 27/6 – Kathleen Pedersen, Cindy Parry

Wed 28/6 – Karen O'Grady

Thu 29/6 – Carol Wang

Fri 30/6 – Last day of term – Clean up


Canteen News Week 6 Term 2 – 30 May 2017

Missing Lunches:  at present we still have a few children who have lunches going to their 2016 class.  Please make sure you update your Munchmonitor details to include PSSA, 2017 Classes, allergies, daily snack allowance and remember to top up your accounts.

Also, if your child comes to school without adequate recess or lunch, they will be sent to the school office by their class teacher to get a ‘green note'.  We are only permitted to give them a piece of fruit at recess or a basic sandwich at lunch (vegemite, jam or honey).  They will then bring the note home and you are required to send the money back to the office with the green note at your earliest convenience.

Remember to check the school website or the Skookbag app for the Volunteers roster.


Thank you


Volunteers Roster

Tue 30/5 Anita

Wed 31/5 Tracy Wong

Thu 1/6 Rowena Henery

Fri 2/6 Amanda Kaharni

Mon 5/6 Shelley Anne Sasone

Tue 6/6 Amy Wu

Wed 7/6 Selina Ricketts

Thu 8/6 Enza Caus


Mon 12/6 Public Holiday

Tue 13/6 Tina Fan

Wed 14/6 Andrew Wong

Thu 15/6 Dell Edwards

Fri 16/6 Muna Issa



Canteen News -  Week 4 Term 2 2017

Reminder PSSA and Tennis NO LUNCH ORDERS on FRIDAYs


Thanks to all that help out




Thu 18/5 Dell Edwards

Fri 19/5 Louli Caramanes, Muna Issa

Next week

Mon 22/5 Suzanne Hayes

Tue 23/5 Kathleen Pederson, Cindy Parry

Wed 24/5 Karen O'Grady

Thu 25/5 Michelle Leung, Tammy Scharenguivel

Fri 26/5 Lisa Wong, Maria Sanna

Following Week

Mon 29/5 Silvia Choi, Leah Kong


Wed 31/5 Tracy wong

Thu 1/6 Rowena Henery

Fri 2/6 Amanda Kahani




Canteen News Week 3 Term 1 2017

Welcome to 2017 which has started off extremely hot and busy to boot.  Welcome to all our new students in K-6 and families.  Welcome back to all our returning students and families.

Please remember:

Now that we have our 2017 classes please UPDATE your student's profile and new class on MUNCH MONITOR.

We will be removing last year's classes this week, so if you could please update in the next couple of days that would be great!


We cannot chase every lunch order going out.

Thank you



The current menu will remain in place at present.


Thanks to everyone who helps out.  This is very much appreciated.  Please confirm your availability for 2017 ASAP as we need to fill up the gaps.

Many thanks for your volunteering.



Thu 9/2  Enza Caus

Fri 10/2  Tash Melki

Mon 13/2 Terry Hulme

Tue 14/2 Grace Paw & Tina

Wed 15/2  Lisa Lia & Silvia Choi

Thu 16/2  Dell Edwards

Fri 17/2  Louli Caramanes & Muna Issa

Mon 20/2  Jo Toms

Tue 21/2  Cindy Parry



Canteen Newsletter - END OF YEAR - Week 8 Term 4 2016

As the end of 2016 if fast approaching, please note:

Year 6 – use all your money and $'s up off your Munch Monitor unless you have siblings.

And, those leaving the school the same applies, please use all your money on your Munch Monitor.

This week will see the end of the monthly specials – we will have a clearance in the last two weeks of school of anything that we need to get rid of.  Also note, if something is unavailable on the Munch Monitor please DO NOT duplicate a previous order – if unavailable … this means we Do Not have it on hand!

Reminder RSVP for dinner is due by 2 December 2016.

A huge thanks to all who have helped out this year and we look forward to seeing you again in 2017.

If you have not received your invitation for the Christmas Party, please call me on 9858 5286.

May I take this time to wish all of our Deno families a happy and safe festive season and look forward to seeing you all in 2017.


Wed 30/11          Help Needed

Thu 1/12             Rowena Henery

Fri 2/12               Help Needed

Mon 5/12            Shelley-Anne Sansone

Tue 6/12             Amy Wu

Wed 7/12            Boaly Cheung

Thu 8/12             Enza Caus

Fri 9/12               Tash Melki, Help Needed

Mon 12/12          Terry Hulme

Tue 13/12           Grace Paw

Wed 14/12          Noriko Pearson

Thu 15/12           Michelle Leung

Fri 16/12             Louli Caramanis, Muna Issa


Canteen News Week 6 Term 4 2016


A huge thank you to all those who have helped out this year, our efforts have been very much appreciated.

This will be our annual Canteen Thank You Dinner … you will receive your invites this week (via your child).  Hope to see you all there!


Canteen News

As we approach the end of 2016 please note we will be doing regular lunch orders for students right up until the last week of school (Friday 16 Dec), however some items may RUN OUT before the last day and as we clear out all our fridges and freezers they may be substituted with other items.

Please note:  if an item shows ‘unavailable' through Munch Monitor when you are trying to order, then it means we don't have it, so please do not duplicate your previous order.  Hopefully we will be able to please most of the children.

Year 6 … You are leaving, please make sure you use ALL your money on your Munch Monitors BEFORE you leave at the end of the year. 

REMEMBER …. Friday LUNCHES … if your child plays tennis or is in a PSSA team they CANNOT order lunch as they have already left school before lunch time.



Wed       16/11     Lisa Lia

Thu        17/11     HELP NEEDED

Fri          18/11     Louli Caramanis, Muna Issa

Mon        21/11     Jo Toms, Claire Liu

Tue         22/11     Michelle Moore, Kathleen Pedersen

Wed        23/11     Karen O'Grady

Thu         24/11     Silvia

Fri           25/11     Maria Sanna, Lisa Wang

Mon        28/11     Suzanne Hayes

Tue         29/11     HELP NEEDED

Wed        30/11     HELP NEEDED

Thu          1/12       Rowena Henery

Fri            2/12       HELP NEEDED

Mon         5/12       Shelley Anne Sansone

Tue          6/12       Amy Wu





Canteen News Week 4 Term 4 2016

October Special of "Chicken Burger with lettuce and mayo @ $4.00" is proving very popular so we are carrying it over through November!



Wed 2/11            Boaly Chung

Thu 3/11             Rowena Henery

Fri 4/11               Michelle Leung

Mon 7/11            Shelly Anne Sansone

Tue 8/11             Grace Paw

Wed 9/11            Noriko Pearson

Thu 10/11            Enza Caus

Fri 11/11              Tash Melki


Canteen News Week 2 Term 4

Welcome to Term 4, we  hope you all had a great break and are all ready for what is always a very busy term.  Please remember:  if your child is doing Intensive Swimming these next few weeks please note what times they are away from school as we have some times that clash with recess and lunch.  Also PSSA and Tennis please be reminded you CANNOT order lunches on Friday as your child has already left the school grounds prior to lunch.

Please note:  if you are supplying lunch from home please remember to put in forks/spoons if necessary.

The Lunch Special for the next few weeks is  …


Chicken Burger with lettuce and mayo @ $4.00


Please contact me if you need to change your rostered day or cannot longer volunteer.  A huge thanks to all who take time out to help us and please watch out for your Christmas invite to our annual Thank You Dinner … watch this space.


Tue 18/10           Lorraine Cronin, Cindy Parry

Wed 19/10          Lisa Lia

Thu 20/10           Michelle Leung

Fri 21/10             Mina Issa, Louli Caramanes

Mon 24/10          Suzanne Hayes

Tue 25/10           Michelle Moore, Kathleen Pedesen

Wed 26/10          Karen O'Grady

Thu 27/10           HELP NEEDED

Fri 28/10             Maria Sanna, Lisa Wong

Mon 31/10          HELP NEEDED


Canteen News Week 10 Term 3 2016

Reminder – Canteen Closed Friday for cleaning … NO ORDERS

Summer PSSA and Tennis – please do NOT order lunch as you leave before lunchtime.

Monthly Specials are only available for the month of the promotion – please check the Skoolbag app for the current specials.

Have a safe holiday.


Canteen News - Week 8 Term 3

Monthly Specials

Please note Nachos is NO LONGER available.  The new September Special for the remainder of

Term 3 is Hokken Noodles for $3.80.

Please remember Friday 9 September the Canteen will be CLOSED as we will be at the K-2 Sports Carnival.

Reminder the last day of term is FRIDAY 23 September.  The Canteen will be CLOSED for orders, due to cleaning.

We will open at lunchtime for SNACKS ONLY!

PSSA and Tennis – Please DO NOT order lunch on Fridays as you are NOT AT SCHOOL at lunchtime.


Tue  6/9  Amy Wu


Thu 8/9  Enza Caus

Fri 9/9 CLOSED – will be at K-2 Sports Carnival


Tue 13/9  Grace Paw

Wed 14/9  Noriko Pearson

Thu 15/9  Michelle Leung

Fri 16/9  Louli Caramanis, Muna Issa

Mon 19/9 Claire Liu

Tue 20/9  Lorraine Cronin, Cindy Parry

Wed 21/9  Lisa Lia


Fri 23/9  CLOSED for cleaning – NO ORDERS – Maria Sanna, Lisa Wong


Canteen News Week 4 Term 3

Winter Specials

Apologies but … due to the high level of ‘Nachos' orders daily, we have had to ‘cap' the number of orders to 60 per day, as we cannot get them all out for lunch if there is more.  Please DO NOT try and order these through Munch Monitor if it tells you "Not Available" on the day, as it means we have reached our quota for the day.  I know this is disappointing but due to the high numbers this is what we have to do.

The other Winter Special for this month is – Roast Veggie Pie – available daily for $3.20.

K-2 Sport Carnival:  is being held at Dunbar Park on Friday 9 September.  The Canteen will be CLOSED  for ORDERS & SERVICE on that day, as we are at the Carnival.

Sausage Sizzle Orders due Friday 2 September.

Volunteer Roster:

Tuesday              9/8        Grace Paw

Wednesday       10/8        Noriko Pearson

Thursday           11/8        Enza Caus

Friday                12/8        Alison Weston

Monday              15/8       Jo Toms, Claire Liu

Tuesday             16/8       Lorraine Cronin, Cindy Parry

Wednesday        17/8       Lisa Lia

Thursday            18/8       HELP NEEDED

Friday                 19/8       Louli Caramanes, Muna Issa

Monday               22/8      Suzanne Hayes

Tuesday              23/8      Michelle Moore, Kathleen Pedesen

Wednesday         24/8      Karen O'Grady

Thursday             25/8      Michelle Leung

Friday                  26/8      Maria Sanna, Lisa Wong

Thanks to all our wonderful helpers!


Canteen News Term 2 Week 10 2016

Reminder:  CLOSED Thursday 21 July 2016 – Yrs 3-6 Sports Carnival *** No orders or service for K-2 ***

July Specials

Nachos  $4.00

Bolognese & Cheese      OR     Salsa & Cheese

Thanks to all our wonderful helpers, have a happy and safe holiday and we look forward to seeing you all in Term 3.


Tuesday 28 June

Kathleen Pedersen, Michelle Moore, Ki Yei Yik

Wednesday 29 June

Noriko Pearson

Thursday 30 June

Rowena Henery

Friday 1 July

CLOSED for Cleaning

Term 3


Monday 18 July

Pupil Free Day

Tuesday 19 July

Cindy Parry, Lorraine Cronin

Wednesday 20 July

Lisa Lia

Thursday 21 July

Athletics Carnival Yrs 3-6 ONLY


Friday 22 July

Maria Sanna, Lisa Wong

Monday 25 July

Suzanne Hayes




DEPS Canteen Roster & Specials Week 8 Term 2 2016

Reminder:  Year 3-6 Athletics Carnival Sausage Sizzle orders need to bein buy Friday 24 June.  Please make sure you have your Name, Class and House on your order and include any family orders who will be there on the day.

SPECIALS:  June Specials till the end of the month are

                                                            Chicken and Vegie pie       $4.00

Beef Burger                        $4.80

Extra reminder that we have other goodies available at first (play) bell for a before school snack or to pick up for Crunch and Sip.


Wednesday 15/6

Lisa Lia

Thursday 16/6


Friday 17/6

Maria Sanna, Muna Issa

Monday 20/6

Claire Liu, Jo Toms

Tuesday 21/6

Cindy Parry

Wednesday 22/6

Karen O'Grady

Thursday 23/6

Michelle Leung

Friday 24/6

Louli Caramanis, Lisa Wang

Monday 27/6

Suzanne Hayes

Tuesday 28/6

Michelle Moore, Kathleen Pedesen

Wednesday 29/6

Noriko Pearson

Thursday 30/6

HELP NEEDED – Last day for orders

Friday 31/6

Last day of term – closed for cleaning






Week 6 Term 2 2016

1 June - Welcome to Winter.

Winter has definitely arrived with a chill in the air – we have noticed a slight increase in hot meals at lunchtime and to welcome winter we have our New Monthly Specials , as of Tuesday 31 May we have:


  • Beef Burgers – beef pattie, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise                       $4.80
  • Chicken & Vegetable Pie                                                                              $4.80

These may be ordered over the counter or through Munch Monitor and are available daily till the end of June.


** May Specials are no longer available (pizza wraps and SCT and rice).


Morning (before school) snacks are still available after the 8.55 am bell to grab as a quick snack or for Crunch & Sip:


  • Selected Seasonal Fruit                                                                 $1.00
  • Muffin (assorted flavours)                                                               $1.30
  • Introducing our homemade healthy ANZAC Slice                          $1.00


As normal, we have juice, flavoured milk and hot chocolate …. All to enjoy.


Please remember:


1.  When ordering over the counter to write name and class

2.  On Munch Monitor PSSA is only for Years 3-6 (NOT K-2).

3.  No lunch order on Friday for PSSA and Tennis

4.  Spoons and forks:  if lunches from home require a spoon/fork please include in your child's lunchbox.



Wed 1/6

Boaly Cheung

Thu 2/6

Alice Wong & Rowena Henery

Fri 3/6

Alison Weston

Mon 6/6

Shelley Anne Sansone

Tue 7/6

Amy Wu

Wed 8/6

Noriko Pearson

Thu 9/6

Enza Caus

Fri 10/6

Tash Melki

Mon 13/6

Terry Hulme

Tue 14/6

Grace Paw

































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