Denistone East Public School

Telephone02 9874 6678



New Uniform Store

This store is located near the canteen cola and is privately operated by a company contracted by the P&C.

See PDF for prices.

Operating Hours: Tuesday 3pm-4pm, Wednesday 9am-10am, Friday 8.30am-9.30am


My role is to liaise with the operator and P&C, follow up with any issues and feedbacks on uniform qualities and concerns from parents.

New uniform shop committee coordinators: Anna Pleadin


P&C Second-Hand Uniform Store

This store is located in the Cottage on the Henderson Street side of the school grounds. All of the uniform items are donated to the store by parents, and all proceeds go back to the P&C.

Second Hand Uniform Shop coordinators: Ming Cha

Operating Hours: Wednesday odd weeks 9.20am-10am


Uniform Price List (pdf 386 KB)


DEPS red and blue logo umbrellas are available for $15. The umbrellas are for parents and carers and can be used when walking your children to school or while waiting at pick up time in the playground. It is school policy that children are required to wear raincoats when exposed to rain.

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