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Denistone East Public School Canteen provides healthy food at reasonable prices.


Our Canteen is run by the P&C and follows the "Fresh Tastes @ School NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy" and is a member of the Healthy Kids Association.  The Canteen also works with the School Principal to assist with compliance with the Nutrition in Schools Policy which is mandatory for all NSW Public Schools.

The Canteen is open Monday - Friday for recess and lunch.  Children can collect recess orders at the side Canteen window noting that recess orders for Kindy are taken to their class room before the recess bell.  Years 3 to 6 can purchase items from the Canteen during recess. 

All lunches are individually packed and placed in containers for each class. Lunch orders are collected by class Student Representatives prior to lunchtime and taken back to their classroom for distribution by the teacher. 

All years can purchase items from the Canteen during lunch. 

We encourage recess and lunch to be ordered using the Munch Monitor program. Much Monitor which is a web-based facility allowing online orders and ability to control the money available to children to spend at the canteen.  To find out more about Munch Monitor and set up an account click here Munch Monitor Info (pdf 151 KB)

Cut off for orders over the counter is at start of school bell time.  If the order is not in before that time then due to preparation time the canteen cannot process your order.

It is our policy to give lunches to those children who have lost/forgotten their lunch – (lunches are not provided to children who don't like their lunch provided or have already eaten it and are still hungry).  Children who have lost/forgotten their lunch should see their class teacher (for the canteen to provide the child with a honey, jam or vegemite sandwich).  The cost of this sandwich will be charged to your munch monitor account or a note will be sent home.

Our Canteen Manager, Frank, along with Angela run the canteen, and with the generous help of our wonderful volunteer base.  Please consider volunteering for a day a month – the tasks you would be asked to do include; making sandwiches, salads, warming up food. 

Volunteering at the canteen is a great way to get involved, meet new people and learn about your child's day at school. 

For more information on volunteering, email Elaine at


If your child has any special dietary requirements, or if you have any new healthy and fun ideas for our canteen please come in and see us at the canteen.

Canteen contacts:

Tel:        9858 5286


Manager: Frank  Yao

P&C Canteen Coordinator:  Amy Wu

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