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 (pdf 1898 KB) (pdf 1712 KB)The DEPS P&C Traffic Committee comprises of a group of parents/carers whose aim is to ensure road and traffic safety are maintained within the Go 40 school zone and bordering streets of the school. The SAFETY of the children is our paramount aim. Within this aim, we facilitate traffic/parking educational information for parents/carers. The DEPS P&C Traffic Committee was responsible in highlighting the need for and then subsequent implementation of the first set of the flashing "Check Speed" lights within the Ryde area. We drive the traffic tips featured in each week's DEPS newsletter and also lobby local council for Ranger support. We have launched and continue to maintain the "Walking Wednesday" initiative as part of Go Active2School. This along with our National Ride2School and Walk Safely to School Day events is a highlight on the Denistone East Public School annual calendar.


Transport Access Guides showing the best routes to walk to and from school are available in English, Korean and Mandarin.

Transport Access English (pdf 1264 KB)

Transport Access Korean

Transport Access Chinese

Parking Zones English (pdf 512 KB)

Parking Zones Korean (pdf 1706 KB)

Parking Zones Chinese (pdf 1028 KB)


Here are the results of the GoActive2School Travel Survey Summary.  Thank you to all the parents, carers and children who supported this survey.

Post survey Results (pdf 405 KB) 


GoActive2School Survey (pdf 201 KB)



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